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When we opened Mile End, our tiny Brooklyn restaurant, we had a mission: to share the classic Jewish comfort food of our childhood. Using our grandmothers’ recipes as a starting point, we updated traditional dishes and elevated them with fresh ingredients and from-scratch cooking techniques. 

Both a Jewish delicatessen and a Canadian-style restaurant, we pride ourselves on bringing two very unique cuisines to New Yorkers. Modeled after Jewish delis found in Montreal’s Mile end neighborhood, the restaurant is led by managing partner Joel Tietolman and executive chef Adam Grusin, who are committed to serving elevated long-established dishes made with fresh ingredients and from-scratch cooking techniques.

Our menus, inspired by age-old tradition, feature dishes such as Montreal-style smoked meat, homemade hotdogs, poutine and fresh whitefish salad.

City:   Brooklyn and Birmingham
Charity:   Citymeals on Wheels
Signature Dish:   Smoked Meat Poutine and monthly special Poutine flavors