manny's deli

Manny's is celebrating their 75th anniversary this year. Even when they opened their current location 52 years ago, it was among the last of the unique style of urban eatery – the home style, family-run cafeteria bubbling with the spirit of its neighborhood and attracting patrons from all walks of life. In those early years, if you lived or worked anywhere in the vicinity you could hitch a ride on the Manny’s van that circled around making deliveries and picking up customers for lunch.

Still, to get the full effect of the rich history surrounding Manny’s you have to view the dining room walls decorated with news clippings, reviews, snapshots, and memorabilia demonstrating how deeply Chicagoans treasure this historic restaurant as a memento of downtown as it was a half century ago, a relic of the past.

City:   Chicago
Charity:   Illinois Restaurant Educational Foundation
Signature Dish:   Corned Beef Sandwich