Davis bakery & deli

Davis Bakery and Deli has been family owned and operated since 1939. Our unwavering commitment to serving the Cleveland area with handcrafted baked goods and premium deli products has helped establish Davis Bakery and Deli as a local institution. So whether you love our Russian Tea Biscuits, coconut bars, old-world Jewish rye bread or hot corned beef sandwiches, we continue to adhere to the standards set forth by our predecessors. We let β€œThe Taste Tell the Story.”

City:   Cleveland, Ohio
Charity:   ALS Association
Signature Dishes:   Corned beef sandwich. Coconut Bars (white or chocolate cake hand dipped in homemade chocolate syrup and rolled in coconut). Russian Tea Biscuits (Raspberry, raisins, walnut and cinnamon sugar loaded into a scone-like dough).